Research and Development

In the context of its application-oriented basic research IVK specifies, refines, and instumentalizes the terminology around usability and reliability and their characteristics, e.g., efficiency, failure rate, reliability, safety, and remaining life, multiple-life, etc., as well as the notion of reusability.
The conceptual definition and specification of the notions are usually carried out through initiation, collaboration, and the leading of national and international standardization projects. The instrumentalization of the standardized terminus is then folowed by the realization and implementation of techniques and tools for assuring the sustainability and qualification "as-good-as-new".


Consulting and Standardization

The application-oriented research activities of IVK necessitate continuous cooperation with industry, which enables a dedicated, specific technology transfer. This cooperation will be realized through investigations, assessments, and studies as well as exemplary innovative joint projects.
Typical areas of cooperation are: performability of electronic systems through continuous renewal of components (also by reusable ones), evaluation and classification of its process maturity, realization of guidelines for validation and test of products and services, and for process improvement, organization audits, etc.
Some of the standards that have been initiated and/or chaired by the staff of IVK include:

  • IEC 62309 "Dependability and quality of products as-new - requirements and tests" (Chair: F. Belli);
  • IEC/PAS 62814 "Dependability of Software Products Containing Reusable Components – Guidance for Functionality and Tests" (Chair: F. Belli);
  • DIN 48480 "Gebrauchsfähigkeit und Qualität bei erneut verwendeten Teilen und Geräten der Elektrotechnik" (Obmann: F. Belli);
  • DIN IEC/PAS 62814 (DIN SPEC 42814) "Zuverlässigkeit von Softwareprodukten mit wieder-verwendbaren Komponenten – Anleitung für Funktionalität und Prüfungen (IEC/PAS 62814:2012)" (Obmann: F. Belli);
  • VDI 2343 "Recycling of electrical and electronic Products" (Chair: R. Brüning).